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Helen Rebekah Garber


  • ArtPadSF 2013
  • Dallas Art Fair 2013
  • Spells, Spires and Other Delicate Business

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    Helen’s practice relies upon a refraction and distillation of the various formalized aesthetic elements operating within the iconographic systems of different religious traditions and the critical assessment of abstract, symbol-based vocabularies.  By separating the imagery from its original purpose as a signifier of specific dogma, her intention is to create a formal matrix of abstraction through a process of layering and negation, weaving brushstrokes in a loom-like manner – fusing the tactility of textile work with the flesh-like qualities of oil paint.

    While simultaneously mimicking the accrued sense of sanctity of the original patterns, they are stripped from their traditional context and condensed into dynamic vortexes referencing the figurative yet stripped of the mess of meat and gristle- intended to exist as vessels of synaptic energy.  The resulting works function as monolithic structures that convey the universal, while aggressively negating all ideologies.

    By deconstructing these sometimes disparate vocabularies through their base symbolic structure, repetition within seemingly disconnected communications begin to emerge and become the underlying guide architecture of the work. she incorporates these structural carriers of information into the greater conceptual whole. The fragmented information is reassigned new definitions, and becomes the basis unto which a working language of symbols is constantly available for redefinition.

    Helen Rebekah Garber was raised in New York and works in Los Angeles.

    She graduated from The California Institute of the Arts in 2007, and studied painting at The New York Academy of Art and The Arts Students’ League in New York City. From 2006 to 2007, she lived and worked abroad in Rome, Italy and has traveled extensively throughout South America and Europe. Her work has been exhibited in the U.S. and Europe at venues including The Laguna Art Museum, DF2 Gallery, 31 Grand Gallery, Bronwyn Keenan Gallery, and Per Pio Monte, Naples, Italy. She has been featured in publications including New American Paintings, The New York Times, Art ltd., Spin Magazine and The Frankfurter Alleingman Zeitung.  She has received critical press from writers including Roberta Smith, Peter Frank and Howard Halle.



Bride II. 2012. Oil on canvas, 72”x 60”