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Richard Ankrom


  • The Curio Shop
  • ArtPadSF 2013
  • Dallas Art Fair 2013
  • Miami Project 2012

  • Artist's Catalog (pdf, 999.89 Kb)

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    The contempt for effusive sentimental goods, that pander to nostalgic consumers led me to take these objects and disable them. In this process mass produced figurines become individual and surreal.

    Objects are selected by their character, cleaned, masked, dipped or poured several times with synthetic rubber. Zippers are tucked in with dental tools and sealed with rubber. Some zippers are painted gold.

    These ideas are in conjunction with Duchamp’s ready-mades, Rauschenberg’s erased de Kooning, Paul McCarthy and Jeff Koons.


Pigs 5 Piece, Found ceramic figurines with Synthetic rubber, zipper, dimensions variable, 2013