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Lizabeth Eva Rossof


  • Art Toronto 2011
  • Texas Contemporary
  • Pulse NY 2011
  • Art San Diego 2010
  • Art Aspen 2010
  • NEXT Chicago 2010
  • “Hey, China!”

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    Lizabeth Eva Rossof’s (b 1973, USA) work examines the dissemination of personal political, economic, and sexual power and freedom in the digital age. Her artworks are experiments; they are projects and investigations. The outcomes of her research are most often objects that have been rendered using common commercial media (ie photography, poster-printing, video) and not-so-common ‘out sourced’ fabrication (ie police drawing and ‘professional painting from photos’ by overseas craftspeople). Lizabeth’s art, however, can be discussed as public happenings, performance, intervention and satirical espionage.

    Lizabeth was raised in Chicago. During her childhood, Lizabeth was surrounded by the politically and sexually charged artworks of the underground Eastern European artist that were smuggled out though the Iron Curtain and exhibited by her art-dealer ‘grandparents’ Jacques and Anne Baruch. She was also delighted by the Avant-garde, POP and Experiential artwork of artists like Warhol, Kusama and the performance group Mummenschanz that she encountered at the Museum of the Art Institute. She recalls that playing in the Jesus Rafael Soto installation in the basement of the Museum was one of her favorite childhood activities. Lizabeth’s own work continues to reflect the influence of both the dark, and the playful art that had an impacted on her at a young age.

    Lizabeth has been the recipient of many prestigious academic awards including the Thomas J Watson Award and the Jacob K Javits Award, as well as several artist honors including The San Francisco Art Commission’s Murphy Award, C5’s Gran Prix at ISEA 2006, and exhibition in Takashi Murakami’s GEISAI Miami. She has completed residencies at Montalvo Center for the Arts and Anderson Ranch Arts Center, and has been awarded residencies at Cite International de Paris and CAMAC: Centre des Artes Marnay in France. Lizabeth’s artwork has been exhibited in Berlin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, New York, Oaxaca, Osaka, Aspen and at the National Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow. Lizabeth lives and works in San Francisco, CA.


Most Viewed Cams II, 2010 | Edition of 3, oil on canvas | 12 x 12 inches