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Carol Selter


  • Outdoor World
    Curated by Charlie James
  • ArtPadSF 2013
  • Dallas Art Fair 2012
  • Texas Contemporary
  • Animal Stories

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    Carol makes photo-based work that explores the natural world and our relationships to that world. In Animal Stories, she looks at the irony and tragedy of objectifying and sacrificing other organisms so we can learn about life (The Calendar Pictures).

    Of continuing concern is the fate of other species as humans occupy, use or destroy more and more of the planet’s space and energy (Burning Down the House). As the human population expands and the search for new energy sources accelerates, so will potential conflict between our needs and the needs of other species. Will our understanding of ecological principles—the way the planet sustains life—keep pace with our ability to destroy the very systems that nurture us? If so, will that understanding lead to actions that reverse the current trajectory?

    Finally, as we grapple with contemporary environmental issues, will we have any personal experience of the world beyond cities? . Carol is interested in how we envision the wild environment and what we expect to find when we enter it, the effect of that environment on our physiological and mental processes, and the way our understanding of the wild affects our decisions about its future.

12.March The Meadowlark

March (The Meadowlark), 1993/2011. Pigment print, 24" x 30” (on 30” x 36” paper).