Andrew Lewicki   

March 3 - April 14, 2012

Artist's Reception: March 3, 2012, 6-9pm

Show Catalog (pdf, 2.80 Mb)

Charlie James Gallery is delighted to present a solo show by L.A. artist Andrew Lewicki in our new location at 969 Chung King Road titled Fabricatio Desiderii, Latin for “The Fabrication of Desire.” Investigating objects of monetary vs. societal value, Andrew Lewicki’s newest work plays with the artificial construction and destruction of an object’s perceived worth.

In the main chamber of the gallery Lewicki presents four sculptural pieces organized around the theme of fabricating desire. Atop a pedestal, resting on a white guitar stand is a fully functioning 1957 Gibson Les Paul electric guitar made out of the crudest, least ideal construction materials. An experiment that took Lewicki months and several abortive attempts to complete, the piece playfully suggests Tim Hawkinson’s Überorgan, here substituting labor of painstaking precision for Hawkinson’s sprawling scale. In the center of the space a large quilt is suspended from the ceiling of the gallery. The piece consists of a patchwork of scarves and shawls from some of the world’s most venerable luxury houses. These coveted items were cut to scraps and seemingly destroyed by Lewicki, then reassembled by local master quilter Joan Hobbs in the style of traditional Americana. Opposite these pieces a fully operational Louis Vuitton waffle iron rests on a pedestal, the traditional waffle grid replaced with the time honored LV monogram pattern. Another pedestal supports a stack of nine gold bars, complete with serial numbers and the ornate imprints found on bars smelted from bullion. In the case of Lewicki’s gold, the “bullion” is actually hundreds of gold crayola crayons melted down and recast by the artist.

In the basement and rear galleries we will present work from Lewicki’s L.A. series, as well as some recent independent projects. In the L.A. body of work, pieces were conceived and executed in response to visual information Lewicki encountered living and moving around in Los Angeles. The ubiquitous, “dream is over” mattress, discarded so frequently in front of Hollywood apartment houses, gets a treatment, and with the Concrete Oranges, Lewicki takes on the origins of Los Angeles and how the city has evolved and changed.

Andrew Lewicki (b.1983, Redwood City, CA) took his BFA from the Otis College of Art and Design in 2007. He was the recipient of the 2011 California Community Foundation Grant for emerging artists. Lewicki’s work has been exhibited at the Architecture and Design Museum, Los Angeles, the Torrance Art Museum, and the Luckman Gallery at Cal State LA. He has been covered in Frieze Magazine. Lewicki lives and works in Los Angeles.

Fabricatio Desiderii, Installation at Charlie James Gallery, March 2012