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Walter Robinson


  • Art San Diego 2010
  • Art Aspen 2010
  • Pulse NY 2010
  • NEXT Chicago 2009
    Ex Abstract!
  • Transport

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    I make sculpture about consumerism and popular culture.

    I’m fascinated by the human drive to possess material objects and by our intransigent attachment to the things we own. In my work I investigate the ways that consumer products have been crafted to perpetuate hunger for more. Brand and corporate logos, mascots, cartoon characters, advertising text and signage are the semiotic sources I draw from.

    In an effort to destabilize the power of the product logos that surround us, I tweak their scale or context, or combine them in disjunctive pairs. Sometimes I restage 21st century geopolitical events, using childhood icons to provoke the shock of corrupted innocence.

    I consciously use seductive surfaces, saturated color, bling and glitter –-the same tropes employed by advertising—to draw my audience into examining their own relationship to consumer culture and it’s effect on the environment and world events.

    To achieve these enticing surfaces, I work with an array of materials including carved wood, plaster, Styrofoam, and found or appropriated objects finished with epoxy resin and metal flake coating. Coming from a woodworking background as I do, craft and handwork are still important to me and figure strongly in my studio practice.


Transport/Sportabout, 2008 | MDF, epoxy, chrome auto emblem | 32 x 24 x 2 inches"